What Are the Best Nootropics?

Everyone who becomes interested in nootropics is seeking something specific. Usually, they’re looking for how to do a certain specific task better, faster, or more efficiently. Just look on any online community (whether it’s a nootropics forum or even the Nootropics Subreddit) and you’ll see what I mean: people ask things about nootropics that concern their direct need.

One fairly typical example (which isn’t uncommon) if for people who are unfamiliar or inexperienced with nootropics to ask what the best nootropics are for learning a foreign language. (Check out /r/Nootropics or better yet do a search on /r/StackAdvice for the word “language”). You’ll see that it’s very common for people to get the idea that smart drugs or nootropics can give them a turbo-boost on learning to speak and understand a new language.

Similarly, it’s common for coders and programmers to seek out the best nootropics stack for learning a programming language or to help them think through typical coding problems. Nootropics can definitely help with that – and there are some common and proven stacks that are ideal for coders. Asking what the best stack is for a coding is a good question, because many others have tried it and found the answer.

The point is this: some nootropics do a better job with certain needs better than others. Concentration is a different need than a need for memory retention, for instance. And a coder may have some of the same needs as a security guard (alertness) but shares more similar needs with someone who wants to learn Russian. So, asking what the best nootropics are isn’t as good of a question as asking what the best nootropics are for a specific need, goal, or situation.

The point is…when people ask what the best nootropic is or what the best stack of nootropics is – they are asking the wrong question. When people ask what the best nootropics are for their specific need, they’re on the right track.

Personal experimentation is still necessary but asking others who’ve been in the same situation and tried different things (and found out what worked for them) is an excellent starting point.

So, by all means, ask others. And try a few of the popular stacks for yourself. There is no one “best nootropic” – the benefits and results vary drastically depending on the situation, need, and the individual.

(Incidentally, for studying purposes – for any subject – with immediate effects (not long-term daily use) phenylpiracetam is recommended. Noopept is also recommended by many users. Your mileage may vary.)

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