We do not take any illnesses lightly at Nootropics Outlet. We understand the frustration and helplessness that comes with impaired cognitive and brain functions. One of my own personal experiences has to do with what is commonly called “brain fog” – one of the main reasons I became interested in nootropics, in fact.

For years I suffered with symptoms that I couldn’t fully describe – even to the many doctors I visited and contacted. There were times I would be driving, and suddenly forget where I was going. Other times, I would be engaged in a conversation with someone, and I would forget how to say a very simple word, or how to frame an elementary response to a question. It was seemingly random, frustrating, and potentially dangerous.

When these strange symptoms came upon me I would have a general “fuzziness” or “fog” come over me. It was almost as if a cloud of static electricity was temporarily short-circuiting my mind! Just as quickly as it would come upon me, it would usually be gone. Other times I would have to lay down and wait for it to subside.

The brain fog was always preceded by an “aura” – a feeling it was coming on (lasting for 2-3 seconds). Then, I would be temporarily rendered inoperable when it came to anything involving words. Reading, writing, and talking became jumbled. I knew what I wanted to say, but different words came out my mouth. If I was writing, I would write different letters than what I intended. If I was reading, the words would be mumbo-jumbo to me for the few seconds I was reading.

I saw a few doctors: general practitioners as well as neurologists and brain specialists. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that none of them could actually help me! It’s not that they didn’t try to diagnose my symptoms (as best as I could relate my experiences to them). But it ended up that I simply diagnosed as being epileptic – and was prescribed some fairly powerful drugs that were intended to combat seizures. The side-effects alarmed me more than what I was already experiencing, however. I learned that this strange indescribable “brain fog” I had lived with for so many years was actually a mild seizure.

Not wanting to use the drugs I was being prescribed, I saw a naturopath. To my great surprise and relief, he immediately understood what I was attempting to explain. And he seemed confident of the solution – and it didn’t involve drugs! He suggested that I start eating coconut oil, which I immediately began to put in my food and even use on my face.

After just a few days I could tell that there was a noticeable difference. And it continued to work! Years later, my instances of any sort of brain fog are rare and very infrequent. I haven’t experienced any major impairment in my cognitive abilities since I’ve been using coconut oil.

I’m not saying coconut oil is a “miracle cure”, but it was definitely something that helped me. After doing some reading about the apparent benefits of a ketogenic diet for epileptics, I understand that the fats in coconut oil possibly are responsible for the beneficial effects I experienced.

While coconut oil is not a nootropic, it definitely can help brain functions. If you are experiencing brain fog – or even full-blown seizures – it wouldn’t hurt to add coconut oil to your daily routine and see if it helps. I hope my experience helps someone out there.