Nootropics For Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at some time in their lives. If you’ve ever had to speak in front of a group of people you’ve felt that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling of dread that most of us (with the exception of extremely gregarious people) experience. The feeling can come about before a big event (like taking an exam in school) or when attempting to do something that stretches you to the edge of your comfort level (akin to “approach anxiety”).

Situations like these are known for causing anxiety. Anxiousness in and of itself isn’t harmful or to be avoided; that feeling you get in your gut can be a survival instinct. Anxiety can be helpful and can have an important purpose.

But what if you have excessive anxiety? If you live with constant fear and if you have more intense anxiety than what is “normal”, it can be debilitating. Being overly anxious can cripple you.

I’ve known people who had conditions like this. One girl was very nervous around people she didn’t know – so much that her resultant shyness essentially turned her into a prisoner. She was pretty, fit, smart, and funny – but none of that mattered, because she got so nervous in situations where she might have to talk to people she didn’t know that she was basically a shut-in! It took her years to get over her shyness and beat her anxiety around new people. Wasted years, I might add.

Another guy I knew was nervous around girls. He was always an “orbiter” around girls who he was comfortable with: average-looking, familiar, and usually friends-of-friends. But for years he never got what he wanted, which was to meet new girls – pretty girls – and get out of his same circle of “pals”. Wasted years in the friend zone as a “nice guy” wasn’t any fun for him. The tragedy is that it got him no where, and he could have beaten his fears if he’d had a bit of guidance an pushed himself a bit.

However, the fact is that most people who suffer with anxiety not only have no one to guide them out of it. To make it worse, most people with anxiety aren’t aware that they even are capable of changing. (But to be clear: most people are capable of escaping the self-prison of anxiety.)

After living some of this myself and also observing (and essentially counseling) many people, I’ve come to a few conclusions about anxiety. Some of these may surprise you. Not all of these conclusions are true for everyone. But many of these will ring true for anyone who’s experienced some form of anxiety.

1. Anxiety is just a feeling. You may be saying, “duh, that isn’t helping me” – but think about the implications of what that means. If something is only a feeling, kept inside of you, it means that no one else knows. It means you can potentially control it or alter it. It means if you can change your brain chemistry and your frame of thought, you can hijack that feeling and defuse it. Some of this can be done with the help of nootropics such as Phenibut. Depending on your own level of self-mastery and sheer will, you may be able to overcome your inner struggle without the use of any substances however.

2. Stress can kill you. Realize how serious stress can be! It affects not only your potential as a person (by limiting who you are and what you can accomplish) but it can wear you down and bring about negative physical manifestations. In other words, stress and anxiety can cause health problems, and if you get sick enough you can die. Something as “benign” as social anxiety needs to be addressed. If you suffer from anxiety or deal with stress on a regular basis, you need to take measures to alleviate it.

3. Anxiety needs to be cured holistically. Don’t think that popping a pill is the answer. While it’s true that Nootropics Outlet wants you to buy the products we promote (we’re in business, after all) I don’t like to see people reliant on drugs, supplements, or any thing else that looks like an easy way out – especially if it can become addictive. So my advice is to not take harmful drugs or alcohol at all as a way of dealing with stress. And I also advice care when attempting to “cure” yourself with nootropics. Instead, look at your whole self: incorporate nootropics if necessary or if you can do it along with sensible solutions. I advise (primarily) exercise, a good diet, a good sleep routine, and elimination of any obvious stressors in your life that you can rid yourself of. Like I said in our article on Top Nootropics Tips, after you take those steps, then try additional supplements and/or nootropics and see how your stress levels are affected. For instance…a shy guy with no social skills might need to get some “PUA” training and motivate himself to change – not just take some nootropics!

4. Anyone CAN change. Much of a person’s anxiety level has to do with who they are and how they react to the outside world. Their inner being has to do with who they are. But no one has to be a certain way; anyone can transform from one kind of person into another. It sometimes takes simple awareness, which brings desire, which leads to motivation…which leads to gradual change. Other times, it takes radical action. It might take reading a book, or it might require changing jobs. Everyone is different. But everyone CAN become better, if they want to.

Anxiety is a serious matter. And it does affect people in big ways. But realize that no one has to be “stuck” with anxiety, stress, or negative feelings their whole lives. Again, there are of course supplements (such as L-theanine) and nootropics for anxiety (like Noopept, Aniracetam and Phenibut) that can give you a boost in the right direction – but there are many factors involved – and they should be taken on as part of a holistic approach. Exercise, a good diet, and basic vitamin supplements (including Omega-3s) are all part of a good solution to beating anxiety.

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