My Experience with L-Theanine and Caffeine

This is an experience shared by a reader, who tells how she uses L-Theanine + Caffeine (which we recommend as a good beginner’s stack)!

All my life I have been sensitive to caffeine, and for some reason my reaction to coffee is much stronger than tea or soda. I used to just totally avoid drinking coffee, and I still especially never drink any caffeinated drinks after 2pm if I want to sleep well.

In the last 2 years, however, I have found myself “needing” a cup of coffee in the morning to help get me going. I’m a 37-yr old mom of 3 boys, and on some mornings, I really need a little push. And I found I enjoy the morning coffee ritual.

So I started drinking coffee in the mornings, but most of the time it made me JITTERY and very irritable, mean as a monster. I noticed that if I ate a substantial breakfast with my coffee, my reaction is not so bad. But even that is not a guarantee that I won’t get the jitters and shakes and be extremely cranky.

I needed the caffeine for the energy, but it made me a wreck. I tried drinking “fake” coffees and green tea. But it was not the same.

Someone on a forum mentioned how L-Theanine would help me enjoy my cup of coffee, but without the jitteriness. I ordered some and started taking it. First, I took 200 mg (1 pill, and the recommended dosage) after my coffee – when I take the rest of my vitamins – but it did not help. Then I took 200mg before my coffee, and it barely helped. I was a little disappointed, but decided to take 2 pills, or 400mg of L-Theanine before my coffee. That is the right dosage for me!

I can now enjoy a nice cup of coffee without the shakes, jitters, or irritability. I have shared this with others and thought your readers would want to know about my real experience with caffeine sensitivity and L-Theanine.

-Marie, from New Orleans

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