A Week of Noopept and Alpha GPC

Since I have never tried Noopept, and I want to speak from experience when recommending a product here on Nootropic Outlet, I decided to order a bottle of Noopept capsules from a source I trust – Powder City. Powder City has a good reputation among nootropics users (on communities such as Reddit), and I really like their customer service. They ship fast, as well.

Since Noopept needs a choline source, I used Alpha GPC in conjunction with Noopept (the Jarrow Formulas brand). My daily dosage was one 300mg capsule of Alpha GPC with one 10mg Noopept capsule in the morning and another 10mg Noopept capsule in the afternoon. I didn’t have a particular goal in mind other than general learning and cognitive function. I went through a week in which I was attempting to learn to use new skills that involved web scripting and programming.

I started use on Saturday and used the same dosage every day of the week. The results? I feel that I was able to learn and work on the programming problems with no problems. In fact I feel pretty good about my abilities, and the results in my work are just what I hoped for. I can’t attribute my results directly to Noopept, but I do feel I was performing at the top of my abilities. While I can’t prove that Noopept (or Alpha GPC) were the critical factor in a week of good learning and good programming ability, I think it helped.

Additionally, there were no negative side effects. Other people have reported headaches, but I didn’t experience anything like that. I attribute this to using the Jarrow Alpha GPC (which has great reviews on Amazon).

I’m going to continue using Noopept for the next few weeks. I plan on trying some other nootropics after that, but I want to experiment with one specific stack or regimen at a time.

Conlusion: I definitely recommend Noopept for tasks that involve learning new skills. I needed to become familiar with the workings of a programming API, I needed to recall and implement those new skills, and I also needed to understand the “big picture” of how to use those new skills to solve various problems. Noopept isn’t just a “programmer’s nootropic”, however. It generally is supposed to help learning, memory, and improved reasoning and problem-solving.

If you need to improve your memory, learning, or problem-solving then I recommend you try Noopept combined with a high-quality choline source such as Jarrow Alpha GPC.

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One thought on “A Week of Noopept and Alpha GPC

  1. Daniel says:

    Great review. I have alpha coming in the mail and I can’t wait to stack it with my noopept. I have choline bitrate but i get headaches from it when I use the recommended dose. It does help with stopping headaches when I do another 10mg dose of noopept in the afternoon. I found a right amount that keeps the headaches away. I hope your doing well and would love to hear more about what your using now.

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