When different nootropics and supplements are combined, that combination can be referred to as a stack. And if you are looking for information about nootropic stacks, you will see that there is A LOT of information out there – A LOT.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about which products go together for a better result. But just like everyone may have a different opinion, and everyone certainly has a different body, different stacks work better for some people than others.
We have researched and for the sake of simplifying this data, we will report on some of the most popular stacks, though we know there are many more variations and opinions out there.

Energy and Focus Stack: Caffeine + L-Theanine

This combination shows up again and again, and for good reason. By itself, caffeine is the most popular nootropic used worldwide because caffeine can help you feel energized and focused. Some people, however, suffer side-effects when consuming caffeine; these include irritableness, withdrawal symptoms, high blood pressure, and jitteriness. That’s where L-Theanine comes in. Alone, L-Theanine can enhance attention, but when combined with caffeine, it boosts all the positive effects of caffeine while reducing the negative effects. So a caffeine + l-theanine stack will deliver noticeable calm energy and focus. This combination is very basic and considered a beginner stack. It’s safe and won’t react with other nootropics or stacks.

Recommended dose: The common recommended dosage is the ratio of .5 to 1, L-Theanine to caffeine, or 50mg L-Theanine and 100mg caffeine. There are products that already combine these to make it easy, some people prefer to take each separately, and some drink coffee (or tea) and then take L-Theanine.

Brain Boost Stack: Piracetam + Choline

Again, another popular nootropic stack that is often recommended. Piracetam belongs to a group of nootropics called racetams, which improve brain function. Racetams, or smart drugs, are taken for mental clarity and alertness. When combined with choline, users report better mental clarity, memory improvements, and cognitive performance than when using either supplement alone. This combo needs to be taken for a week or two before the positive effects kick in, and it’s better to start with piracetam first. A small number of people have claimed that when using either piracetam or choline alone, they experienced headaches. Taking them together amplifies the positive, brain boosting power and erases the negatives.

Recommended dose: Dosages can be adjusted, depending on your needs, but the ratio of Piracetam to choline can be 1:1 or 2:1.5. Take them separately so that the dosage can be adjusted.

Brain Boost Stack: Piracetam + Aniracetam + Oxiracetam
Another brain boosting nootropic stack is a combination of several racetams together. Combining piracetam, aniracetam, and oxiracetam, sometimes shortened to PAO, (or just 2 of them) is a way to experience the multiple benefits of what racetams offer. While all racetams are known for their amplification of cognitive function, individual racetams have their own unique benefits. Piracetam’s brain boosting effects tend to be long lasting, but are not as strong alone. Aniracetam also enhances mood and creativity while strengthening cognitive function. And oxiracetam zeroes in on memory and logical thinking. Combining 2 or 3 of these racetams can enhance all the benefits for quantifiable results.

Recommended dose: Experiment with one of these racetams to start, and then add the others. Starting dose for Piracetam is 1g – 1.2g and can go up to 4g; take on empty stomach. Take 750 mg of Aniracetam 1-3 times daily. Take 750mg-1.5g of oxiracetam daily, split throughout the day on empty stomach.

Positive Mood Stack: St. Johns Wort + 5-HTP + GABA
There are quite a few well-known mood enhancing supplements, or nootropics. For the sake of time and space, three main supplements will be mentioned here. St. Johns Wort is a very well known mood lifter, lifting depression and soothing agitated nerves. 5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid with anti-depressant properties. GABA relieves anxiety and improves mood. Each of these may be taken individually, but by stacking them, the positive mood enhancing effects are multiplied. There are some products that combine 2 or 3, and others include additional ingredients for added benefits.

Recommended dose: Suggested dosing is 100mg – 350mg up to 3 times daily. Users should see what works best for them.

There are many different combinations of nootropics and supplements that offer a wide range of benefits: energy boosts, better cognitive function, mood enhancement, stress and anxiety relief, improved memory, etc. It’s key to do your research and experiment a little to see what works for you. Also remember that there may be different forms of a supplement (for example, Phenibut is a natural derivative of GABA) and they may work better than other forms. When considering dosages, please take into account factors such as age, weight, and general health. (See our Top Nootropics Rules for Beginners article to learn more.)

If you are looking for some highly recommended nootropic stacks, then these stacks are just a few of the most popular to help get you started on your way to smarter and better living. Good luck!