Can’t Find Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Diet for Optimum Health?

[UPDATE: Looking for products similar to Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Diet? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Meal Replacement Drinks and Shakes and our review of 100% Food.]

dick gregory's caribbean diet meal replacementYou want to buy Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Diet for Optimum Health meal replacement – but can’t find it? You’re not alone! This wonderful product – with hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and eVitamins – is unfortunately discontinued. Due to a lack of information from the manufacturer (Wellness in Nature), no one seems to know if Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Diet or his Dick Gregory’s Slim-Safe Bahamian Diet Drink Mix products will be available again. [UPDATE 1/20/2016: It looks like it’s been discontinued.]

But that’s OK – we can deal with that! If you want to follow his nutritional wisdom and eat right, lose weight, and live longer…continue to see some high-rated, proven products that you can use until Caribbean Diet meal replacement goes on the market again (if it ever does). In addition to that, his complete plan of nutrition meant you had to cook right. So first…

Get the Knowledge
Part of Mr. Gregory’s advice is to eat lot of fruit and vegetables, focus on plant-based proteins, some seafood and lean meats on occasion, and use herbs and spices for your seasonings (not salt). He once wrote a book about cooking healthy foods (Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat), but unfortunately it’s out of print – and used copies are hard to find. However, there are some currently available books on healthy Afro-Caribbean cooking that you’ll love!

Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity

African Holistic Health

Get Alternatives to Caribbean Diet Meal Replacement

Since his meal replacement products aren’t being made, you can use one of the following meal replacements instead. They all have differences (depending on what you like, and ingredients). But they all have a few things in common: they have high reviews, they are proven with many people’s testimonies, they all use high-quality ingredients, and they all can be used in the same way as Mr. Gregory’s meal replacement powder. (The idea is to eat healthy, and replace one or more meals with the powder.) Check out the products featured here – and don’t forget to take a look at our Meal Replacement Guide and be fully informed.

Phood – 100% plant-based, whole food meal shake. This is gluten-free and has no dairy, no soy, and no animal products. It has probiotics, protein, superfoods and greens, and whole food vitamins as well!

Medi-Cal Vanilla Shake, formulated for weight loss. It has all the minerals and vitamins needed to maintain good health – similar to what Dick Gregory’s meal replacements aimed to provide. THis is made with high quality proteins, and has low calories.

Visalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix (Sweet Cream Flavor) – Possibly the Cadillac of nutritional shakes, VI-Shape has a delicious flavor and high-quality ingredients as well. It helps you feel full, lose weight, and when you exercise it can help you gain lean muscle.

100%FOOD – An all-natural, high-quality meal replacement that will meet your nutritional requirements – and give you energy! See our full review of 100%FOOD and decide for yourself it it’s right for you.

Lean Body Meal Replacement. Meant for those who are serious about exercise, this formula gives you maximum muscle growth while you lose fat. It uses the highest-quality proteins, provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and also has fiber for more energy. A lot of people think this is the best-tasting meal replacement powder available.

Herbalife Formula 1 – This nutritional shake mix is meant to help you manage your weight when you replace one or more meals with this drink. You get up to 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, and it helps your appetite feel satisfied while also giving you energy. Up to 14 grams of protein and healthy fiber per serving will help you keep your weight down!

One last recommendation is the book Back to Eden – and this recommendation comes from Mr. Gregory himself. Not only did he follow the advice of his mentor, Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton, but he put a lot of the wisdom found in Back to Eden into his now out of print book on nutrition. You can order Back to Eden on Amazon – and hopefully live as long as Mr. Gregory!


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