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L-Theanine may not be the talk of the town, but it SHOULD be. There are so many awesome benefits L-Theanine provides that it should be included in everyone’s daily routine. The many proven positives for L-Theanine actually make it an EXCITING nootropic! L-Theanine is unlike other nootropics in that it directly crosses the blood-brain barrier, […]

In the last month there have been at least two major-media press stories regarding nootropics. CNN did a profile of a smart-drug-using entrepreneur, and TechCrunch did an article about the growing interest and future of nootropics. If nootropics no indeed become mainstream, there will be some positive as well as negative results. In general, with […]

Since I have never tried Noopept, and I want to speak from experience when recommending a product here on Nootropic Outlet, I decided to order a bottle of Noopept capsules from a source I trust – Powder City. Powder City has a good reputation among nootropics users (on communities such as Reddit), and I really […]

No matter what your nootropics stack is formulated to do – and no matter what’s already in your stack – you need to make sure that you have some very essential ingredients included. Whether you want to improve memory, become more of a “quick thinker”, stay alert longer, or improve the quality of your job […]

With many proven benefits, including increased focus, attention, and memory, why doesn’t everyone use BRAIN-BOOSTING nootropics? Unfortunately, some people have the impressions that it’s too much work: finding the right supplements, remembering when to take them (for instance, some supplements need to be taken on an empty stomach, and some with food), pairing them correctly, […]

Is it possible that there are natural and safe supplements that give you the BRAIN BOOST you are looking for? Yes! Herbs and plant derivatives come from Mother Nature and are generally safe. They have been used for millennia by mankind and are a natural nootropic alternative for those looking for PROVEN benefits. Some of […]

In the US and around the world, caffeine is consumed regularly in coffee, teas, sodas, energy drinks, or other supplements. Caffeine, a known energizer that promotes focus, must certainly be included with the other proven nootropics. There’s a reason why caffeine may be the most commonly used nootropic in the world.

Everyone experiences anxiety at some time in their lives. If you’ve ever had to speak in front of a group of people you’ve felt that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling of dread that most of us (with the exception of extremely gregarious people) experience. The feeling can come about before a big event (like taking an exam in school) or when attempting to do something that stretches you to the edge of your comfort level (akin to approach anxiety).

Want to start taking nootropics? If you’re doing some research into the world of “noots”, here are four guidelines that will help you start taking nootropics the right way. These are four basic tips that should give you a good foundation before beginning and will allow you a good foundation to experiment and see what works best for you.

Everyone who becomes interested in nootropics is seeking something specific. Usually, they’re looking for how to do a certain specific task better, faster, or more efficiently. Just look on any online community (whether it’s a nootropics forum or even the Nootropics Subreddit) and you’ll see what I mean:

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