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[By Mike Barrett – Reprinted from Natural Society.] Although 2014 was the shining year for numerous foods, many would attest that turmeric held the gold medal in ‘hottest foods of 2014.’ The spice is relatively reasonably priced, available, and boasts seemingly countless health benefits. One of those benefits is revealed in a study conducted relatively […]

My family and I recently wanted to try some new meal replacement mixes. The latest products we’ve had the chance to try are two different flavors of “100%FOOD”. For years, we’ve used meal replacement powders as supplements to our normal breakfasts – usually in the form of smoothies. We’ve found that smoothies are an easy […]

I’ve written before about the wonderful herbal tea called Yerba Mate. If you’ve read my previous post where I mentioned yerba mate as something Tim Ferris drinks routinely, you already know that this “wonder herb” is great for improving your mental focus and concentration. (In fact, I also drink yerba mate routinely when writing, programming […]

[UPDATE: Looking for products similar to Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Diet? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Meal Replacement Drinks and Shakes¬†and our review of 100% Food.] You want to buy Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Diet for Optimum Health meal replacement – but can’t find it? You’re not alone! This wonderful product – with hundreds of positive […]

If you are looking to save on nootropics, Nootropics Outlet carries all the supplements you are looking for to make the perfect stack. When you buy nootropics from us, you know you’re getting quality products from trusted sources. Nootropics Outlet is a trusted partner of Powder City, and we are also an established Amazon Affiliate […]

I read a lot of about the top nootropics and nutritional supplements (in general) – for my own personal improvement, but also for this site. In my nootropic research, I came across a short video from The Joe Rogan Experience show on the nootropic stack called Alpha BRAIN by a company called Onnit Labs. Joe […]

You might already know that Tim Ferris, author of “The Four Hour Work Week,” is a nootropics user. His preferences and experiences were discussed shortly while being interviewed in a LondonReal episode. He mentioned some different supplements he has used in the past, and some he stays away from (meth derivatives). You won’t find him […]

There has been a great deal of mainstream interest in nootropics during the last year – and much of it centers on brain-enhancement for coders and tech entrepreneurs. It turns out that guys who need to crank out efficient code for eight or twelve hours a day are looking for something to increase their efficiency, […]

Think you take a complex stack of nootropics? The second-smartest man in the world, Rick Rosner, takes a nootropics stack that’s downright intimidating. Rick’s nootropics stack consists of 50 pills! He says the daily regimen makes his brain work better – and he’s counting on some of the memory drugs to prevent age-related cognitive decline. […]

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